Extreme Quantum Sensing Inspired by Nature

Research at BISOL covers the entire gamut of building new quantum optoelectronic sensors with breakthrough performance. Our research includes developing advanced simulations, novel materials, advanced devices, novel nano-fabrication, and breakthrough systems. We tackle real world problems and advance technologies that show promise for making orders-of-magnitude performance improvements. Our research has made impacts in many fields spanning from Biology to Astronomy.

Current Research Interests

Advanced Photonics and Optoelectronics Simulation

Novel Nano-Materials

Advanced Optoelectronic Devices


Novel Nano-Fabrication

Breakthrough Sensing Systems


Latests Accomplishments and Publications

Teamwork makes the dream work

Editors Pick and Cover Art Feature at APL

Our work: "InGaAs based heterojunction phototransistors: Viable solution for high-speed and low-noise short wave infrared imaging" was chosen as the editor's pick and was featured on the cover of Appl. Phys. Lett. 114, (2019);

Time Reversal Advantage of Retro-Reflector in Turbid Media

In our work: "Evaluation of the Returned Electromagnetic Signal from Retro-reflectors in Turbid Media", published in Nature Scientific Reports, we show and investigate a >3 dB increase in back coupling through turbid media when using a retro-reflector over a flat reflector of the same size.

Group & Announcements

Latests Announcements

Simone Bianconi was awarded the SPIE Officer Travel Grant to participate in Photonics West 2020